Steve Intrabartola

I worked for over a year producing spots and OOH for various markets for Fanta. The Markets ranged from Mexico, Colombia, Singapore, Ecuador, and many more.

These were particularly fun to do because we had to establish a set of parameters that were consistent throughout each spot and the brand, but also allowed for the flexibility of adapting to different markets and their respective cultures.

The spots were frequently challenging from a technical standpoint- Psyop had previously designed and built the characters from scratch, but often we had to modify and creatively alter the way they worked to achieve a desired effect or acting beat (pose, movement, etc). This was achieved by seamlessly mixing to the best of our ability the 3D characters and assets, custom 2D character and effects cel animation, and motion graphics using skilled compositing. The result is a unique and visually striking style that is specific to Fanta, yet still fun and flexible enough to get any story across for any market.