Steve Intrabartola

I produced this social campaign for Jim Beam in a 3 week sprint at R/GA.

Jim Beam asked us to concept and create paid and organic social content in 3 weeks for the launch of their new product Jim Beam Orange.

Because of the super tight turnaround, the team had to be highly collaborative and wear multiple hats. We made a ton of hard-working platform-native content, quickly, cost efficiently, and at high quality :) 

Introducing, the JBO Summer Squeeze! Pour a JBO Highball, squeeze an orange on top, and start living your #ZestLife. It’s actually quite tasty.

We made an intro video, hype reel, in-feed ad and a “highlight” GIHPY sticker reel:

Here are the actual stickers (search JBO on IG/GIPHY!):

And some cheeky multi-platform content: