Steve Intrabartola

Creativity Online Editor's Pick!

Over at Psyop, we built Mr. Mucus in a realtime rendering engine (Unreal and Unity), and then made him controllable via motion and facial capture rigs. We then set up a giant video wall at Terminal 8 in JFK, and set hidden cameras everywhere so he could interact with the people walking by. It was a super fun, super technically challenging event to pull off (two motion capture rigs, two realtime render-ers, the AV flow at the airport, etc.), but it came out great!

Director: Eben Mears
Producer: Steve Intrabartola
Assistant Producer: Matt Creeden
Writer: Claire Wyck
Designer: Pedro Lavin
Lead Technical Director: Pakorn Bupphavesa
Rigger: Lukas Wadya
Lighter: Gera Rusinoff
3D Animator: Ryan Moran
3D Supervisor: Chris Bach
2D Supervisor: Sean Martin
Compositor: Sean Martin